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Integration solutions for businesses of all kinds.

Integration is the process of moving data from one system or form to another. Whether it’s developing a solution to automate routine data entry processes or creating complex data interchanges, Intredium is your partner to make it happen.

Intredium focuses on three main levels of integration using a combination of Microsoft technologies. Knowing the right tool to use for your task by vertical can often be a challenge. Intredium’s unique understanding of these three types of integration gives your business the ability to find and use the right technology for your specific needs.

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BizTalk Server Integration

Microsoft BizTalk server is Microsoft’s premier integration tool. Intredium has staff skilled in implementing various BizTalk solutions in businesses of all sizes.

  • Dozens of adapters that connect to various systems out of the box (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, SQL, JD Edwards, HL7)
  • EDI  Adapter
    • HIPPA (837, 835, 270, 271, 999)
    • Invoicing and Processing (850, 219, 997)
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Custom API creation and integration

ETL Development with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

The ETL is the heart of a robust Business Intelligence environment. Intredium has experience building ETL processes that move a few rows a day to billions an hour. Beyond ETLs, we use SSIS to build low-cost custom data imports, exports, and custom messaging that can be scheduled and processed on a schedule or on demand.

Custom Development Using Microsoft .Net

Often forgotten in Integration, custom development can deliver you the exact solution you need when the out-of-the-box integration tool just will not work for your business needs. Intredium has built various custom solutions from simple flat file exports to complex web service enterprise service bus.

Intredium’s experience and expertise to turn your business headache into an efficient, integrated solution is second to none. As a Microsoft Systems integrator, Intredium will work with you to provide a comprehensive technical solution that best fits your business needs.

Reasons to Integrate

  • Achieve the process efficiency you know should exist

  • Get your business systems talking to each other

  • Automate your manual processes and reduce human error and effort

Integrations Through Top-Tier Microsoft Technologies

  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

  • Microsoft BizTalk Server

  • Microsoft .Net