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Intredium specializes in helping your company create a great Business Intelligence strategy.

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of extracting actionable information from complex data sets and presenting it in an easy-to-understand interface. A good Business Intelligence interface provides insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of your business and its processes through the use of dashboard, reports, and ad-hoc tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Building a Business Intelligence solution is a highly collaborative process that requires both strong business and technical understanding. From the creation of a road map in a discovery to delivering the end user’s interfaces, Intredium can help your business through the complete life-cycle of this process or just one specific aspect.

Business Intelligence Services

  • Proposal/Discovery/Business Intelligence Roadmap
  • Development of Business Intelligence Artifacts
    • Data Warehouses – Data Storage / Data Architecture
    • ETLs – Integration of backend data stores
    • OLAP Cubes – Creation of OLAP cubes to improve agility and performance
    • Reporting/Dashboards – Delivery of meaningful results through reports, dashboards, etc.

Call or email us today if you are ready to take the next step to see how your company can use the data that is already has and convert it into business decision making assets.

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Why Business Intelligence?

  • Allows you to make more informed business decisions through the use of custom KPIs

  • Helps you identify new revenue/growth opportunities

  • Provides the opportunity to make real-time course corrections, making your business more proactive versus reactive

  • Increases customer profitability by reducing costs through process improvements

  • Improves productivity by identifying bottlenecks in current business processes

  • Helps you measure performance and make decisions based on defined goals and objectives