App Development

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As a business, it is important for us to provide the tools to our employees and clients that allow them to do their work in an efficient and precise manner.

Oftentimes, either these tools do not exist, or the ones in the market do not meet the current or future needs of your company. Custom application deployment allows you to take your process or idea and build a solution that meets the true needs of your business.

Types of Application Solutions

There are many different types of custom applications, from common desktop, web, and mobile applications, to the lesser-known web service, Windows service, and custom integration applications. Each of these types of applications requires a varying understanding of development practices and methodologies; our expert team provides thorough training and support for each application type.

The Cloud / Microsoft Azure

Using Microsoft Azure, a whole new approach to application development must be taken. Traditional on-premise solutions of the past can be implemented more efficiently and cost effectively in the Cloud; this has led to a Cloud-First approach to custom development.

Why Intredium?

Intredium has the experience and insight to move your business forward through custom application development. We match the right development resources to your specific application needs, delivering the right solution at the right price.

Utilizing the latest technology on premise and in the Cloud, our team delivers projects on time and within budget.

The right application will drive opportunity and move your organization forward. To set your idea in motion, contact Intredium today!

Reasons to Deploy a Custom Application

  • Create a new solution to serve your customers

  • Implement mobile-friendly interfaces

  • Automate your manual processes

  • Integrate backend systems

Core Technologies / Methodologies

  • Microsoft.Net (ASP.Net, MVC, C#, VB.Net)

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Visual Studio Team Service

  • Agile / Scrum