Polk County Health Services

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Through a network of providers PCHS oversees coordination, treatment, employment, community living, and other support services for over 9,000 Polk County residents.

Polk County Health Services, Inc. exists to support improved access to health care and to promote full citizenship for people with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, or developmental disabilities.

Client Challenge

The complex nature of how PCHS manages clients, providers, state reporting, and payments required the development of a custom business application. When this application was designed, rudimentary reporting was built into the solution. As the needs of the business and providers evolved, the inadequacies of the built-in reporting module became apparent. For PCHS to provide efficient and relevant information that could be used by both the business as well as the providers to make better decisions, the need for structured Business Intelligence was born.

Intredium Solution

Intredium had an existing relationship with PCHS in a support role for the business application. This intimate knowledge of PCHS’s environment, along with an understanding of their overall business desire, enabled Intredium to quickly craft a Business Intelligence solution that leveraged the power of the Cloud and Microsoft SQL Server (Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services). The solution would integrate into the business application thereby maintaining a consistent interface for the providers and internal users.

Business Impact

The impact of the Business Intelligence solution has been twofold. First, it has provided PCHS with the ability to create brand new ways of measuring provider performance. These new measurements are more intuitive and far more efficient. Second, provider satisfaction has increased significantly due to the access and insight that they now have to the data. The robustness of the ETL process also helps them to proactively validate their own data, thus cutting down on common errors and mistakes with data entry

The solution has also proved flexible enough to evolve along with the business as needs have changed. In the process of deploying a cloud-based Business Intelligence solution it was determined that the core business application could benefit from the security, redundancy, and resource flexibility of the Cloud. Therefore, the entire solution was migrated to Microsoft Azure and has transformed the capabilities of both the business and the providers directly serving the citizens of Polk County.

Intredium has worked hard to understand our business needs and to transform that knowledge into a dynamic and transparent business solution for evaluating provider performance. As our industry moves toward pay for performance, our providers have the knowledge to lead the way. The business intelligence solution is the foundation for our annual coordination, community living, and employment evaluations. Provider confidence is high due to their ability to verify individuals’ results through the report drill down capabilities. The reporting function also allows our independent evaluator to have a better grasp of both the program and individual results.

Sara Lupkes, Program Planner, Polk County Health Services