Casey’s General Store

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Founded in 1959, Casey’s General Store has become the hallmark of small town convenience stores.

With nearly 2,000 stores spread across more than 15 states, Casey’s General Store prides itself in traditional hometown values and service.

Client Challenge

As with any Fortune 500 company, Casey’s General Store is presented with the responsibility of making business decisions that hold to the needs and values of their employees and stock holders. Through the use of Business Intelligence, Casey’s has started bridging the gap of taking data and turning it into useful information. Like many companies, Casey’s General Store faced the challenge of building their first Enterprise Data Warehouse with lots of business knowledge and limited data architectural know-how when it comes to dealing with 50 billion rows of data.

Intredium Solution

Oftentimes companies the size of Casey’s General Store have internal staff that are charged with learning new technologies and systems, Casey’s General store is no different. Intredium’s goal was to mentor and lead the internal ETL and Data teams in the design and creation of an Enterprise Data Warehouse and ETL. During this time, Intredium worked to help design and develop various data artifacts. While adhering to best practices, Intredium aided in the establishment of a formal Source Control Management System, planned and stood up DEV, UAT, Prod and DR environments for both the ETL and Data systems, and created a disaster recovery plan for the production ETL and Data implementations.

Business Impact

The impact to the Data and ETL team can be measured in client satisfaction. With the implementation of the four data environments, much needed testing can now be done in Dev and UAT to validate the data and ETL artifacts before moving to Production. This more rigorous testing has led to a decrease in ETL failures and corrupt data. The environments also allowed for more robust security of the production environment while allowing for much needed flexibility in the Development Environment.

The establishment of a formal source control system has allowed for a more streamlined development and deployment process. Just like the environments, this has added up to fewer data and processing errors in production.

Disaster Recovery is often forgotten. With the Implementation of a DR Environment the production environment can be safely brought down with little to no impact to the end users. This is very useful for system patching and updates.

Intredium, from day 1, was very attentive and knowledgeable to the data/ETL obstructions Casey’s was having with our Data/ETL processes. Listening to the needs of the company and team, Intredium was quick to dig right in and understand the difficulties we were having. They put together a Statement of Work, scoping out priorities and timelines and has executed on them flawlessly.

Intredium, worked diligently everyday making sure that his execution plan was followed and did not deviate from the original scope. If the scope did need to change, Intredium made sure that he discussed it with both my team and the DBA team, making sure scope creep did not affect Casey’s adversely. Additionally, he made sure that universal best practices were put in place and understood by me and my team.

Not only did Intredium bring technical knowledge and best practices to my team, they also found time to mentor my junior people.This was an unexpected value added benefit that my team needed and appreciated very much and will carry with them going forward.

To Intredium’s credit, they were always looking out for what was best for Casey’s and my team!

Mark Szymula, Business Intelligence Program Manager