Our Process

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Why Is Our Process Important?

At Intredium, we focus our process on you, the client. It is our goal to help businesses become better. We want to help you make more informed decisions that will lead to more cost-effective solutions for your business.


There is an old saying that knowing is half the battle, so helping you get to know and understand your true needs is our focus. We help you identify both technical and non-technical pain points that are internal as well as external to your business. Our goal is to ultimately help you find solutions that will eliminate or reduce the gap to issues that are interfering with your ability to focus on your business and its growth.


Once a problem is identified, we work with you to understand its true impact or cost. Through the process of discovery, we focus our efforts on understanding the problem in greater detail from both technical and non-technical standpoints. This insight allows us to produce estimated ROI that can be used in the budgeting process, artifacts for a corresponding business road map, and even the framework for a proposed solution to the problem.


Our solutions are unique to your problem. We use the data collected in the discovery process to develop a solution that fixes or reduces the impact of your problem. When designing a solution, we focus on three aspects of the project: Cost, functionality, and time. Each of these factors plays a major role in the final solution and corresponding deliverables. It is important to understand that an Intredium tailored solution is a strategic balance of these three aspects. Projects that focus on only one or two aspects generally fail or face a more challenging path to adoption.


Training is the key to adoption. The true measure of success of any solution is its ability to solve your business problem. If users are not using or cannot use a solution, then it is a failure. We know that no two solutions or businesses are alike, so Intredium takes a custom approach to training by building a tailored training plan for you and your team. Based on your needs, we provide varying levels of training to match the user’s abilities and job requirements.


Just because your project is complete doesn’t mean that we are. Intredium remains vigilant to support you throughout the life of your solution. We also ask that you support us by letting us know how your solution is working to meet your needs. We use this feedback in two ways: First, it allows us to proactively address issues that may arise in the solution or training. Second, it allows us to tie our estimated ROI to actuals; this is important to measure the success of your new solution. Knowing how your solution is working also helps us to refine our process so that we can continue providing efficient solutions for clients to come.

If you have any questions about our process or would like to see the process put to use on your business, please contact us! We’re happy to help.